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We love to play with animation! Fully specialized in transforming your visualization into animation. Animation is need of the hour and we make sure to make your character sing, laugh and dacne.

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The Visual effects which will make you hook to the shot, is our speciality. Our rotoscoping artist are well trained and understand their job better. They make a average video great.

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VFX services at our rotoscoping studio are above the industry standards. Our VFX artists make their shots amazing and breathtaking. We deliver the best vfx services.

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We are specialized in converting 2D flat film to 3D form. Normally known as 2D to 3D stereoscopin conversion, our artist are trained to perform the task with perfection.

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We are Leaders in Rotoscopy and VFX Services.

Rotoscoping studion is one of the leaders in rotoscopy n vfx services, not only in india but througn out the world. Our team of artist are achievers by nature and performer by heart. They take each and every project individually and give their best. We always priorities the customer expectations and fulfill their needs. Come and join hands with us to experience the wonderful journey of your Project Cycle.

It will be a start to long lasting relationship. Working will all the enthusiams we will deinately exceed your expecations and win your heart.

Get to Know what Rotoscoping is all about!

When frame by frame, a motion picture footage is traced by animators to create a realistic action , that is called rotoscoping. Rotoscoping is a animation technique. When there were no computers at that time a polish-American animator invented a projection equipment for rotoscoping and that was called a rotoscope. Initially to complete the rotoscoping services for any live action movies photographs, animators used to project those photographs on to the glass panel and then traced over the images. Later on these rotoscoping services were done on the computer as these rotoscope equipment was replaced by computers. But the name remained the same and still it's called rotoscoping. Now the rotoscoping services work is done by various software's developed to perform rotoscoping. This rotoscoping services are use to give special effects in movies and also used to combine cartoon characters commonly known as compositing in to lively settings.

When we talk about sequence map or rotoscoping texture, it means incorporation of animation and video. In simple words we can say that we can realistically implement another video in background with match to the foreground. We can say the above process is rotoscoping in which a matte is created over a live action plate which can be incorporated/composited over another background .

In action movies and movies with special effects rotoscoping services are used for special effects creation. We are a expert rotoscoping studio and have provided best services to our clients regarding rotoscoping and VFX works. By use of tracing method our animators creates a matte / silhouette and in this way we extract that object to be composited with another background. Usually green screen technique is used to make layering things easier and in some cases blue screen also works. Rotoscoping services are always used to provide a special visual effects in any movie.

When a element is extracted from one place to another background through rotoscoping, animators have to trace that element within the compositing software and create a new alpha channel for that specific part of the video or images. As video generated from camera has no alpha data so the animators have to create alpha data manually through tracing the element within the video. Accordingly different objects/shapes are created around the element and animated to match each frame movement. Rotoscoping services/process is not a one day game, it all depends on the complexity of the shot and frame and accordingly it can take time to get completed, sometimes in hour or sometimes in several days.

In today television and movie industry Rotoscoping studio are playing a major part. Each movie or serials are now a day using special effects for showing some great things to the viewers. And in this scenario role of rotoscoping an VFX services increases. And to cater the industry with Best Rotoscoping services and artist , we have expertise in all your VFX and Rotoscoping Needs. Our Roto Artists are best in the industry and they are not only capable of composting elements from blue or green screen but also the backgrounds which don't have blue or green screens. We make rotoscoping process and services simple and affordable for you.

Various digital tools available in today's scenario have changed the art of rotoscoping to a great deal. These tool have helped Roto artists to create amazing visual effects and live-action movies making rotoscoping services more easier and streamlined. We as a rotoscoping studio is now discussing various techniques used for rotoscoping such as matte creation, paint touch-up, stereoscopic conversion, motion tracking, digital cloning and effects painting. Let's dive-in in the world of rotoscoping techniques

Effects painting:

When we need to quickly add new elements into the scene then effects painting is used. Paintbrush or airbrush are used to create special effects faster by many skilled artists. Many scenes uses these paint effects over the frames to give various visual effects. Some of the auto paint software's are also used to provide the great visual effects.


For touching up the film or video footage, Paint work is done in rotoscoping. This includes removing scratch, dust busting, logos, wires and rigs etc. To perform all these task and paint work the roto tool should be able to provide temporal and spatial cloning. To take pixel from one position of the frame and paint the source to other position of the frame, spatial cloning is used. The rubber stamp tool is a example. When you need to paint pixel from one frame to another in sequence , temporal cloning is used.

Matte Creation

The major part of compositing process consists of creating hold-out mattes or said as alpha channels/Masks. Matter can be termed as grayscale clip which is basically used to stencil portions of background footage. The black area portion is obscured and the portion in white area is shown through. If the matte have grey area then it will be semi transparent. Roto is a art of cutting the precise matte with consistent edges. If matte are sloppy or poor then the finished work will not come good and it will be unacceptable.

Motion Tracking

To analyze a pixel or sub-pixel in a clip , motion tracking is uses. Then it follows the pixel and sub-pixels to find the exact coordinates on each frame. Motion tracking is used for match moving and stabilization primarily.

Stereo Roto

With the advancement in technology , roto has also seen vast growth. Stereo roto is basically of 2 types, Stereo workflow and stereo conversion. Stereo workflow refer to shooting the material with two camera and matching closely as possible roto in right eye with roto in left eye. If not matched it can lead to bad user experience.