What is Rotoscoping Animation and How to do it?

Fir­st of all, before we start what is rotoscoping let’s discuss basically what Rotoscoping animation actually means? It is an animation that transfers an image from the live-action film into another film sequence using a rotoscope. The word ‘Roto’ means to draw an object. In other words, It is an animation technique that animators use Read more about What is Rotoscoping Animation and How to do it?[…]

5 Best Rotoscoping Software

Are you looking for Best Rotoscoping 3D Animation Services? Do you want to make an animated update (version) of the movie footage? Do you imagine how to use features and other types in motion? Don’t hesitate to try our best rotoscope animation software that allows you to build the most outstanding effects. Yes, it has outstanding Read more about 5 Best Rotoscoping Software[…]