January 27, 2020

Outsource VFX Match Move Services

Outsource VFX Match Move Services- Tracking / Matchmove services in India

Match moving has become one of the most established visual effects tool for 3D animation Program Nowadays. Without match move or motion tracking, none of the films are complete nowadays. Every Film production house requires Match move services and they are looking to outsource match moving / vfx tracking services to India. But before discussing about matchmove services further, let us see how basically matchmove works?

In Visual effects, match moving is used as a tool to place computer graphics into a live action footage with correct precision in terms of position, orientation and scale and also it is matched with the motion of the object in the particular shot.

In general terms we can say match moving is a technique used to track the movement of a camera through a shot, so that a virtual camera movement can be generated in the 3D animation program. Now when new element added through animation via matchmove technique is composited back into the original shot, it seems to be perfectly blended with the original shot and provide the desired effects to the shot. Now a days due to advancement of technology and affordable cost of computer, match move tracking services has become increasingly affordable. So basically we can say when movement of a live action footage is matched with virtual camera it is called as match moving or VFX Motion Tracking.

When it comes to outsource of VFX matchmove services or so called tracking services to India, Rotoscoping Studio has dedicated 9 years to match moving for TV shows, Commercials, e learning and Feature films. Our work speaks for ourselves and we deliver best quality on time. Our Artist for match move or motion tracking are highly skilled and experienced.

We take utmost care of data security and at Rotoscoping Studio we value data privacy of our clients and know what the importance of their data is. You can outsource match moving services to us without thinking twice about your data. Apart for this we use latest technology and process to give you the best result related to vfx tracking / motion tracking services & Rotoscoping services in India. We are capable of dealing with all mono or stereoscopic movies, 2k or 4k movies, 24 FPS up to 60 FPS movies.

We at Rotoscoping Studio India Offer best vfx matchmove services all over the globe. With experienced team and artist our Motion tracking services includes 2D Tracking, 3D Camera Tracking, Body Tracking (Rotomation), Object Tracking.