Rotoscoping Vfx to Make Visuals look Real

Rotoscoping Studio

Rotoscoping Vfx is used these days for creating a matte of elements. It is used for the purpose of changing color by extracting the element out of scene and placing it to match on different backgrounds. This creates a very realistic scene which would have been quite difficult or almost impossible to shoot without using rotoscoping vfx. Roto Artists have to manually draw and cut shapes around the object or image in the frame so that it can be used for rotoscoping projects. These cutout shapes and parts of the objects are known as mattes. These are used for creating live action frames. If the live shot is static then rotoscoping requires only one frame. However if there is live action shot then it requires tracing of relevant areas frame by frame during the shot.

How Rotoscoping Vfx Actually Works?

Our Roto Artists trace objects using the compositing software tool. Any specific image or video is selected to create a new alpha channel. The roto artist creates shapes of different kinds around the object and traces the video and then manually animate those shapes around the selected object to match movement frame by frame for rotoscoping Vfx effects. It completely depends upon the project and complexity of the shot for accomplishing the rotoscoping Vfx effects. Rotoscoping is the most time taking process of Vfx service techniques. This is why it is used at the last when an object cannot be keyed out easily. But our Roto Artists create a mask of different shapes forming a layer. Our artists are skilled in using Vfx based programs for rotoscoping and creating masks as matte. They know how to skillfully use dedicated software and tools such as Silhouette or Mocha which is considered quite tricky to use.

Before starting any rotoscoping project for our clients, our roto artists deeply study the footage as a part of their work. This really helps them to determine the timeframe for the rotoscoping Vfx project. So if you want to make your ordinary looking clips or animation footage special then contact us and get a bid now!

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