The journey of Early Animation to Super Visual Effects Movies

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Ever since the last decade, the animation industry has rapidly grown and become mammoth in the world of cinema. Animation technology has changed over the years and from entertainment cartoons, it has now been used to create business Videos. However, the history of animation is very old but the animation style took a new turn in 1984 when computer-generated imagery (CGI) started. This technique helped the producer to produce animation film faster. Not only the speed, but CGI also increases the scope of animation beyond cartoon and television series to brand storytelling. Now we are in that world where we use the latest technology to create some outstanding animated videos.

Rotoscoping And Vfx Changed The Animation Industry

The necessity of making a realistic character and to move them in real-time has introduced Rotoscoping. Rostoscopy has changed the way of making animated videos and films. But the early methods of rotoscoping was very time consuming because it takes lots of hour in costuming and makeup of an actor. Even after taking hours the result was not realistic and satisfactory. Nowadays, with rotoscoping animation is easy and with the help of the VFX technique, it allows animators to lot more. There are software programs that provide new ways to carry out the rotoscope process without the use of physical film which also makes it less time-consuming.

With the help of modern rotoscoping and VFX technique animators can work on a different layer. Evolution of powerful computer and complex application allow the artist to get desired realistic effects without much effort which was required in early animation. However, the latest rotoscoping and VFX allow to add stunning visual effects but it doesn’t mean that anyone can easily make it. All these latest visual effect techniques still require expert roto artist who ensures that everything remains in the right place at the right time. With the help of latest rotoscopy animator can do lots of things such as :

• Change the color according to need and blur lines to make the video realistic
• Easily spot a place of composited objects in each of the frames without labor
• Using the latest software animators can make difficult and complex actions easily
• To use source footage as reference only to draw, it does not appear in the final product
• To add and remove objects in the after-effects like wire and rig removal

Use Of Rotoscoping And Vfx To Make Amazing Visual Effects

From television serials to Hollywood movies, rotoscoping is used to make amazing videos having realistic visual effects. In a live-action film, these visual effect techniques allow animators to create such scenes that would be difficult, costly and dangerous to shoot in real-world settings. With the help of modern software, it is now possible to create realistic effects faster and it is inexpensive than before. Utilizing these rotoscoping software editors can easily trace frame to frame motion of a live-action movie.

The latest technique of rotoscoping includes 2D motion, Garbage Matte, cloning rotoscoping, articulated rotoscoping, Matte generation and more. If we talk about the latest rotoscoping software then Silhouette FX, Mocha, AE CS3 are some software that is used today to give stunning visual effects in the animation industry. As a result of these latest visual effects software and technology, a small character become popular among the audience. Because of the prominence of motion graphics, lots of studios can be seen who create outstanding visual effects in films according to which later become blockbuster.

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