January 28, 2020

VFX Services India-VFX Rotoscoping Outsourcing

Outsource Best VFX Services With Rotoscoping Studio

VFX or Visual effects involve integration of generated imagery and live-action footage to bring realistic feel in video.  Now a day, almost all movies makes use of VFX services to shoot action scenes to mesmerize the audience. The visual effect which we see in movies is not easy or impossible to capture in real time. Therefore, filmmakers use visual effect technique to give stunning effect in their project which gives new experience to viewers. We at Rotoscoping studio provide best VFX services that brings amazing visual effect in your video. In order to create stunning videos that interacts with viewers in perfect manner, we make use of advanced technology with the help of experienced VFX artist.

At Rotoscoping studio we offer high quality visual effects services for all kinds of movies animations be it short or long movies, commercial videos, TV serials, web series and more. In addition to visual effects, we also use other technique to provide special effect in live action footage such as 2D and 3D animation, rotoscoping, compositing, green screen, matte paintings, wire removal, rig removal and more. We have successfully completed different projects and our visual effect services has satisfied our client every time. This is the reason why we are counted among best provider of VFX services in India.

Rotoscoping Studio Brings VFX Services To New Level

We have a team of skilled designers who use their crisp brains to create concept and hold supremacy in the work. Our studio is equipped with latest tools and techniques which help our team to provide superb Visual Effects Services that meet exact specification of our client. It doesn’t matter whether you need silhouette splines, nukes or motion blur mattes, we are ready to provide every single and tiny details that provide only best results. At Rotoscoping studio, we use different segments to provide VFX services which include :

  • Matte Painting : In this segment, we use painted representation of distant location, landscape or set that allow us to create illusion of such an environment which is not present at shooting location. Our artist use different technique to combine an matte painted image with a live action video.
  • Digital Animation : Using this technique we make use of highly advanced software to add or remove objects and elements according to the requirement of filmmakers. This segment include digital sets, backgrounds, practical effects, rotoscopy and compositing.
  • Chroma Key : It is one of the important part of our VFX services which allow use to add or remove background of video or portion of image with new image. Effects in this process takes place with the help of a blue or green screen.
  • Clean Up : This technique is very crucial for us because it help us to remove green screen or unwanted object like wire from footage to make it transparent. Later we place background according to the choice of our client.

Why Only Rotoscoping Studio For VFX Services?

We provide outstanding VFX or Visual effects services to bring imagination of our client in the movie or video. No matter which type of visual effect you need, our team will work hard to fulfill your dream without compromising with the quality. Apart from that there are some other qualities of our work that make us the most preferred VFX services in India :

  • Our artist are experts of VFX Services who complete task with perfection.
  • We have affordable rotoscope price per frame in india for different Visual effects services and project for every budget.
  • We provide technical support to client for suggestion or improvement
  • Our team do hard work to complete the project under given time

Before sending the final product to clients, we provide a short clip of our work to them. We deliver the complete project only if the client is fully satisfied otherwise we are ready to make the required changes. So if you also want to bring stunning and memorable visual effects in your videos, outsource rotoscopy VFX services with Rotoscoping studio. We also outsource rotoscoping projects all