What is Rotoscoping Animation and How to do it?

Fir­st of all, before we start what is rotoscoping let’s discuss basically what Rotoscoping animation actually means? It is an animation that transfers an image from the live-action film into another film sequence using a rotoscope. The word ‘Roto’ means to draw an object. In other words, It is an animation technique that animators use to trace over motion picture footage, frame by frame, to produce realistic action. Let’s go back to the history of Rotoscoping In 1917, The two brothers (The Fleischer and Max) invented animation in 1915, to improve the animation to make it better for a look more realistic

Rotoscoping Animation

What is the use of Rotoscoping Animation?

In order to create life-like characters to move just like people in the real world. Rotoscoping Animation is used for the moving characters, dancing, and characters in fight scenes. The best example is Star Wars, Hulk, and Iron Man. It was used for rotoscoping to make their dance moves look like professional dancers. Rotoscope was used to make things realistic like a professional dancer and it has achieved surprising reality in the series of animated first superman.

How to do Rotoscoping Animation?

Rotoscoping Animation is accomplished with the help of Rotobrush as a tool because It is much faster than any other software. After that Adobe After effect was used as the Best Rotoscoping Software. Rotoscoping is a common technique to capture and movement of characters with the help of a real-life scene.

What do you use for rotoscoping?

Rotoscoping animation is used to trace over motion picture footage. Before using keep in mind that to know a little about the Rotoscoping animation. 

 A few steps that can be followed for rotoscoping animation are as followed below:

  •  The First Step is to create a new document.
  •  The Second Step is to set your frame rate.  
  •  Third Step is Import Video and Set up your animation.
  •  Fourth Step is to draw the subject.
  •  Fifth and final step is to Shape tweens. 

Which software is used for rotoscoping Animation?

Here are some of the best software to use for rotoscoping Animations 

  1. Adobe After Effects CS3.

The Adobe After Effects CS3 is a Professional motion graphics and animation production software. It is used for Windows and Mac OS. Adobe is a powerful 2D and 3D compositing and animation suite.

  1. Autodesk Combustion.

Autodesk Combustion is a program for motion graphics, It is 2D and 3D compositing and visual effects. It is a powerful tool that can help to create the best VFX Projects.

  1. Blender.

A blender is an open-source software and it’s free for 3D Computer graphics tools creating visual effects, 3D printed models, making animated films, and many more. They also combine the other software.

  1. Silhouette FX.

It is VFX software and fully loaded with GPU accelerated advanced composting software. It is 142 stereos-enabled nodes. It works with multiple file formats like bitmap for exporting.

  1. Blackmagic Fusion Studio 9

It is free Compositing Software. It supports third-party OpenFX plugins, and unlimited distributed network rendering, among other extras. It is used for Windows and Mac OS.

  1. Nuke by Foundry.

It is a tool for compositing for film productions. It is user-friendly. It is available for Microsoft Windows, Linux, and Mac OS. It was written in C++ and Python.

  1. Imagineer’s Mocha.

It is an Upgraded version of ‘Imagineer Systems’.It is a tool used for motion tracking, object removal, and Camera Stabilization for general Visual effects. It offers the ability to achieve match moves, unlike any other software due to its use of planar tracking. It is used in Windows as well as Linux Os.

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